Inline Duct Fan 4" (100mm)

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Inline Duct Fan 4" (100mm)

When these Inline Duct blowers were conceived, reliability and efficiency were the main goal. Its’ powerful motor combined with its’ aerodynamically designed shape make Inline Duct fans ideal for any indoor ventilation requirements.

These high performance Inline Duct Fans feature superior steel construction with powder coated baked paint.



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Ventilation Requirements:

When growing in an enclosed space it is vital to provide plants with fresh air as well as exhaust the stale air from the area. In order to achieve this, it is best to use an Inline Duct Fan that is suitable for the area. Ideally one should use a fan that can exchange the air in the space at least once per minute, and so it is necessary to calculate the volume of the growing space and use a fan that matches the requirements. In order to work-out the size fan that will be best suited to a grow area, one must first calculate the Volume of the space, this is the length x width x height of the area. It is also recommended to add at least of your area to account for resistance and loss of velocity as the air travels.

For example:

To calculate the ventilation requirements for a grow space of 1.2mL x 70cmW x 1.65mH:

So 1.2m x 0.7m x 1.65m = 1.386mᶾ

We will round up the figure to 1.4mᶾ for ease of calculation.

Adding of the area to account for ducting and friction will give us: 1.4mᶾ + 33% = 1.862mᶾ

After calculating the volume of the growing area it is then necessary to calculate the size fan necessary. To do this, multiply the area of the growing space by the amount of times it must be exchanged per hour.


1.862mᶾ x 60 (At least once per minute is recommended, therefore 60 times in an hour.)

= 111.72

And so it is recommended to use a fan that moves no less than 112 mᶾ per hour.

If one intends to use a Carbon Scrubber, it is necessary to increase the size of fan used as well as ensuring the filter is the correct size for the area. Ideally a fan that is rated to at least 1.5x the necessary size is recommended when using a Carbon Filter as the Carbon restricts the flow of air as it passes through the filter.

For example:

Following on from the previous example, an area of 1.862mᶾwill require a fan that will move 112mper hour. When used with a Carbon Filter it is recommended that the fan is rated to at least 168mper hour.

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