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CO2 Reader/Logger

A complete environment reader and logger, this meter will accurately capture and record temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide values. The meter is able to log and determine trends in the environment, as well as having alarm functions. 

Carbon Dioxide and its' role in photosynthesis:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a vital component for plant photosnthesis, it is why a grow environment must always be supplied with fresh air. Typically the levels of CO2 in the evironment are around 350-450ppm (Parts per million), which is around half to a quarter of the optimum levels. As a result many growers opt for a sealed environment (Any leaks and the gas will escape) and supplement the space with CO2, either via bottled release, or propane burners. To accurately control the release of supplemental CO2, one must be able to monitor and adjust CO2. It is also necessary to exhaust all supplemental CO2 during the dark period, and ensure adequate ventilation is provided.

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