Okostrat F2-10 Crush

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Okostrat F2-10 Crush

Okostrat® plays an essential role in creating a healthy substrate for plants to grow in pot plants, balcony boxes, tubs, terraces and gardens.
Ökostrat® is mechanically crushed and has a porous structure that supports the development of fine roots.

Sizes of the crush range from 2mm to 10mm per piece. 


  • Great water storage capacity

  • Dispenses stored water in dosed amounts

  • Supports gas exchange between the substrate and roots

  • Free of pests, decomposition materials and germs

  • Frost-resistant and weather-resistant, does not rot

  • Open pores for excellent soil aeration

  • Drains well to prevent root rot

  • Substantially lighter than gravel, lava or similar materials

  • Great additive to all soil types to create higher oxygen levels for roots

Fields of Application:

  • Semi culture

  • Flower tubs and balcony boxes

  • Pot plants and terrace planting

  • Vegetable gardens

  • For drainage and as a bio-filter

  • Top layer to protect against evaporation(mulch)

  • Roof greening and vertical growing

  • Commercial horticulture and market gardening, suitable as well for greenhouses

  • Mixable with all known substrates

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