ONA Gel Pro 500ml

ONA Gel Pro is formulated from essential oils and will tackle the most difficult odors and literally eliminate them – no masking – no coverup – just neutralization and elimination. The odors are gone.

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Ona Gel Pro

ONA Pro is new and exciting! These are products for professionals and are now available for you. As Ona constantly strives to improve their Odor Neutralizing products, they have developed a formulation that takes odor control to a new level. ONA’s active ingredients come from a blend of 32 essential oils and plant-derived compounds that bond with and neutralize a wide array of odors.

ONA PRO Gel is as close to odorless as we have ever come. Although it has a slight scent when sniffed in the container, the final result when working on powerful, noxious odors is simply a clean, fresh smell – period. It leaves nothing behind to indicate that any odors were present. ONA PRO Gel is all you will ever need. No scrubbers, no filters, nothing – just ONA PRO.

If you’re going to use ONA Gel to cover up smells that are being exhausted out a window, make sure the ONA gel is an actual part of the exhaust (air blows over ONA on the way out to neutralize the smells, so no ONA air ever comes in contact with your plants).

If you’re worried about smells in the home, it is recommended you keep ONA products in your living areas (or otherwise outside the grow room). For example. ONA gel can be placed in your living room or hallways to make sure the unwanted smell does not leak into your living areas.

WARNING !! Do not place inside of grow area. ONA may permanently alter smell and taste of plants due to its molecular bonding action.

500ml of ONA Gel can cover an are of  5m2. Can last up to 1-2 months (vaiables include tempreture, humidity, airflow and rate of evaporation).

The simplest way to use ONA gel is to just remove the lid and leave it around the infected area to naturally evaporate and disperse through the air. Sometimes the problem can be that you are using more ONA Gel than necessary and you need to decrease the amount that is being dispersed. This can be achieved by placing a smaller amount into a container and sealing the rest until the next time it needs to be used. Another way this can be achieved is to drill small holes into the lid of the Gel meaning less air contact and less ONA distribution.

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