Extraction Tek Solutions 1300 Hydrocarbon Extractor

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The 1300™ is the only 5 – 10 Liter machine on the market offering the ability to process every item on your production list. Don’t limit your operation to the choice of only one solvent.


Available since 2011, The 1300™ has enjoyed the industries leading safety record. Keep your investment, facility, and most importantly, your staff safe while keeping up with your demanding production schedule. 


The 1300™ meets or exceeds all industry listed standards – ASME SECTION Viii, IFC, NFPA 58, 3-A Sanitary Standard, CLASS 1 DIVISION 1, NSF and UL21.


The 1300™ has been third party peer reviewed by professional engineers and meets all regulatory requirements for safe and legal operation in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.


Looking for a workhorse in your extraction room? The design of The 1300™ has been responsible for over 2 million individual extraction runs. If reliability and consistency are concerns, The 1300™  is among the most field tested extractor on the market.


At a total of 4 square feet (2’x2′) The 1300  can easily be installed into even the smallest of extraction labs. Engineered with purpose,  The 1300 out performs its competition in both throughput and flexibility.