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The General Electric Lucalox lamps offer a very high energy efficiency, a long lifespan, an excellent color efficiency & color capacity and reliability, qualities with which the General Electric Lucalox series can be used perfectly in every luminaire.

The General Electric Lucalox high pressure sodium lamps consist of a clear tubular outer bulb made of tempered glass. This contains a discharge tube of aluminum oxide. The General Electric Lucalox can be used in combination with all regular 600 Watt ballasts that we sell to grow plants with. 

The Lucalox series is completely lead-free, this applies to both the interior of the lamp and its glass. Furthermore, the Lucalox series has a very high light efficiency, which means that the lamp converts more energy into light, hence the high number of Lumen that the General Electric Lucalox series has. 

Effective lifespan of high-pressure lamps In principle, a high-pressure lamp has an average lifespan of approximately 10,000 burning hours, although it should be mentioned that as the hours pass the light intensity will also decrease sharply, after 2500 to 3000 burning hours the light intensity decreases significantly For example, the lamps are still suitable for growing after 3000 burning hours, but the yields will decrease significantly after these 3000 hours. This difference can rise from around 30% to a 50% reduction! It is therefore advisable to replace the lamps after a burning time of approximately 3000 hours. The costs that are made for this certainly do not outweigh the extra income.

  • General Electric Lucalox is a 600 watt flowering bulb
  • light intensity of the lamp is 90,000lumen
  • lamp fits in an E40 fitting
  • separate ballast required for this lamp
  • dimensions of the lamp are: 47 x 283 mm

All HID bulbs must be used with a Ballast

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