Pheromone Insect Lure

Keep insects off your plants by luring them towards the Sticky Traps.

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How do pheromone traps work? 

Pheromones are natural compounds that are created in the body of an insect. Insects use pheromones to communicate with each other. Scientists have isolated many of these compounds in  laboratories and use them to lure the insects into a sticky trap. These traps release pheromones that attract common indoor garden pests. When used in conjunction with the sticky traps these lure keep the pests off your plant ensuring a healthier growing environment and in turn better overall results every harvest. A pheromone trap is a type of insect trap that uses pheromones to lure insects. Sex pheromones and aggregating pheromones are the most common types used. A third major application of pheromones is in the disruption of mating in populations of insects.  In summary, pheromones are species-specific chemicals that affect insect behavior, but are not toxic to insects.

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