Tetra Premium Vermicast
Tetra Premium Vermicast

Tetra Premium Vermicast

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An organic soil amendment formulated for cannabis and hemp cultivation.  80% Pure Vermicast Contains: - Nutrients - Enzymes - Humic Acid - Beneficial Microbes - Natural Plant Growth...

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Tetra Grow Vermicast

All vermicast/vermicomposts are not created equal. Tetra Grow feeds their worms quality organic compost, blended with alfalfa, kelp and malted barley. This creates a nutrient-dense, sweet smelling vermicast that is packed with enzymes, bacteria and fungi that are key building blocks in good soil health.

Will never burn plants or seedlings. Nutrients are in a form most accessible to your plants and have been designed for use with living soils. Best results can be expected in containers 40l and larger.

80% pure vermicast.


  • Nutrients
  • Enzymes
  • Humic Acid
  • Beneficial microbes
  • Natural plant growth hormones

10 litres


  • Releases nutrients locked in your soil and makes it available to your plants.

  • A valuable source of macro- and micro-nutrients. Balanced NPK 1,1,1.

  • Soil conditioner.

  • Improves the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.

  • Reduces the frequency of watering and helps plants cope with heat and drought stress.

  • This product’s pH is 7.


Use at transplant by placing 1 cup (250ml) at the bottom of the planting hole to reduce transplant stress.
When added to coco, soil or peat, it increases the bacterial and fungal populations, whilst creating an ecosystem for indigenous micro-organisms to flourish.
Contains chitinase, beneficial bacteria and other enzymes that show pest and disease management potential when used as a foliar or soil drench.

Using a compost tea bubbler, bubble 1 cup vermicast per 5l of water. Mix with Neem oil at the recommended dosage and apply weekly or as part of an integrated pest management plan.

Contains 5% humic acid by weight. (Humic acid improves nutrient delivery over time.)
Gibberellic acid stimulates rapid stem and root development and can increase yields by as much as 25%


Containers 40L or larger: Apply as a top dress by sprinkling 1 cup around the base of the plant and lightly work into the top layer of the medium with fingertips. Microbe populations will continue growing in the top layer of soil and will inoculate the container with each watering. Apply weekly.

Containers smaller than 40L: Use one tablespoon and apply with every second watering.

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