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The General Hydroponics version of the ebb and flow table

The Ebb & Flow system uses sub-irrigation; the nutrient solution floods the substrate and then runs off into the tank when the pump stops. This regular ebb and flow of the solution provides the root system with excellent oxygenation.

This type of system is designed for beginners who are looking for a technically simple system that is easy to use, and for experienced growers who are looking for a modular system that can adapt to the specifics of their growing environment that truly maximises the yield.

It is the very definition of the versatile growing system: it allows the use of a wide variety of containers (size, material, shape) and substrates or substrate mixes (clay beads, coir, perlite).

To complete the list of this system's advantages:

  • It has no risks of leakage or overflow all with minimum maintenance.
  • Its autonomy allows you to leave it unattended for a few days without any risk to your plants.
  • It is easy to clean.

A word from the designer:

In “Hydroponics for everyone” (Mama Editions, Paris, France), William Texier describes the ebb and flow table as an “excellent technology that works wonders. It respects the basic rule of hydroponics: root system oxygenation. By slowly raising and lowering the water level, the ebb and flow system provides excellent oxygenation, which is essential to all good systems. When it rises, the water flushes the spent air from around the root area and renews it when it drains away.” (p. 38)

Why we are proud of the EBB&GROW®

  • EBB&GROW® is manufactured in France in our workshops from 100% recycled* plastic using a process that gives it unrivalled strength. We are the only company on the market to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE** for moulded plastics (Tank and growing table). This does not add anything to the price.
  • Its compact design makes it possible to hold up to 32 15x15 cm plastic pots or 22 fabric 1 Gallon pots (3.75L) without any space loss.
  • It withstands the weight: the tank supports the centre of the growing table. This is why the upper tray does not warp.
  • Low system: As the system is only 38 cm high, it leaves your plants enough space to grow.
  • High capacity tank: Up to 100L of solution.
  • Very low electricity consumption: 6.5 Watts


Pots (not included):

Several solutions are available:

  • Plastic pots: a cheap solution
  • Fabric pots: more expensive, but they have the advantage of allowing the nutrient solution to penetrate their full surface area and limit the dispersion of substrate in the system.


You have the choice here too. Using the EBB&GROW® you can grow:

  • Using clay beads
  • Using coir or a coir/perlite mix
  • Using rockwool


An ebb and flow table requires to use a timer (not included) that regulates the irrigation cycles. For irrigation cycles of less than 15 minutes, you should choose a digital timer that supports minute by minute programming.

The pump on/off cycles are to be adapted depending on how you work and:

  • The substrate quantity and type
  • Your climate
  • How much your plants consume

Technical specifications:

Growing tray size  Outer 95x95 cm / inner 86x86 cm
Height 38cm
Weight 16.5kg
Material (tray & tank) Rotary moulded polyethylene 100% recycled
Level tube  Yes
Pump specifications 600L/H – 6.5W – 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
Power cord length  1.5 m
Nutrient supplied FloraGro – FloraMicro Hard Water - FloraMicro Soft Water – FloraBloom 500ml

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