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High Pressure Sodium Horticulture Bulb 400w

High pressure Sodium bulbs are HID (High intensity discharge) lights used in horticultural applications to mimick the Winter season sunlight. Due to the change in seasons and aspect, the Winter months predominantly receive more red light and shorter day-light hours which in turn encourages stem and/or flower production. High Pressure Sodium bulbs are ideally used during the fruiting/blooming phase of any plant that fruits during the Winter months. 400w bulbs are capable of illuminatng 1m x 1m.

Technical Details

  • Lumens: 58 000
  • Colour Temp : 2100 Kelvin
  • Tubular Shape, fits E40 Socket


Length: 270mm Diameter: 40mm

All HID bulbs must be used with a Ballast

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