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CibuSil 1L
CibuSil 1L
CibuSil 1L CibuSil 1L CibuSil 1L

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Cibusil is a foliar fertilizer, which contains silicon, available in the form of silicic acid, and which is applied to foliar crops. Cibusil, due to its high silicon content, helps plants to overcome stress. Cibusil fertilization improves crop tolerance to drought and increases the ability of the crop to resist phytotoxicity caused by excess trace elements. Also, its application increases the resistance of cereal crops to fall.

Cibusil is soluble in water and is not toxic to plants when applied as directed. Due to the high pH of Cibusil, always perform a test to confirm compatibility with other products. Avoid use with fertilizers that contain heavy metals (most trace elements), magnesium and calcium. ​Must not be applied in a tank mix together with micro-elements such as Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn.


In modern agriculture, along with pesticides and fertilizers, several compounds classified as plant growth stimulants are important for sustainable crop production. Products in this category include compounds that are applied to crops or soils with the aim of improving growth, yield and quality of crops as well as tolerance towards environmental stresses. Although these compounds influence plant growth and development throughout the entire crop life cycle, a summary of their main functions is supplied below:

Organic Acids
Alginic acidPresent in seaweed extracts; assist in maintaining turgor pressure in plant cells.

Amino acids

Increase nutrient uptake by plants and improve overall soil structure and health.

Humic substances

Present in seaweed extracts; assist in maintaining turgor pressure in plant cells.

Salicylic acid

Induces flowering and defence responses to environmental stresses.

Hormones & Bio-stimulants

Auxins (IAA)

Promote cell elongation in the stems, root tips and apical buds of plants.

Cytokinins (CYT)

Promote plant growth and development including as embryogenesis, maintenance of root and shoot meristems and vascular development.

Gibberellins (GA)

Stimulate stem elongation, seed germination and flowering.

Abscisic acid (ABA)

Induces stomatal closure when soil water is insufficient, maintaining transpiration.

Ethylene (ET)

Promotes seed germination, formation of root hairs, crop senescence and fruit ripening.

Jasmonic acid (JA)

Promotes fruit ripening and tuber formation as well as defence responses to environmental stresses.

Brassinosteroids (BR)

Optimize crop growth and yield as well as defence responses to environmental stresses.

Polyamines (PA)

Stimulate root initiation, flower development and tuber formation.



Optimizes photosynthesis and therefore plant growth.


Antioxidants protecting crops against oxidative stresses.


Supports crop growth and production and increases plant pigment concentrations.

It is recommended that Cibusil be used in conjunction with AnnGro for more efficient uptake of silicon.  

Monosilicic Acid (Cibusil) & Ethyl Esther (AnnGro)
[Si(OH)4] - 488g/L
Potassium - 116g/L

Monosilicic Acid: 4ml/L water mixed with 2ml/L water Ethyl Esther. Mix one into the water, then the other.
Nutrients are extremely alkaline and require aggressive ph adjustment.

Soil drench:

  • First application: week 1 veg.

  • Second application: day of flip.

  • Final application: day 14 of flower.

  • Do not mix Cibusil with other nutrients.


  • High content of stabilised plant-available silicon.

  • Improves plant resistance against pests, mould, fungus, drought and pathogens.

  • Added Potassium benefits flower development.

  • Improves plant tolerance to salt build-up.

  • Improves plant tolerance to metal toxicity.

  • Improves growth, yield, strength and overall plant health.

  • Improves Plant Brix values.

  • IPM Program Nutrient.

  • Suitable for organic use.

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