CFL 200w 2700k (Warm White)

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CFL 200w 2700k (Warm White)

Compact Fluorescent Lighting is commonly used in horticulture. Using very little energy and emitting low heat, these bulbs prove ideal in small areas or for the budget conscious. CFL bulbs are best used in close proximity to the plant canopy. Keeping the bulb within 10-15cm from the canopy will maximise the efficacy of the light. As with traditional HID lighting, the different bulbs emit different temperatures of light, 2700k (The red/yellow light similar to High pressure Sodium) and 6400k (The blue/white light similar to Metal Halide). The 2700k bulbs are generally used during the fruiting and flowering stage of a plants life, while the 6400k bulbs are used for vegetative and propagation growth.


Length: 360mm Diameter: 160mm

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