Temp Controller ST 1000
Temp Controller ST 1000

Temp Controller STC 1000

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A thermostat helps you to keep a constant temperature in your grow room. It supports cooling (exhaust fan/air conditioner) and heating.

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STC 1000

The STC 1000 maintains a precise temperature (setpoint/SP) by cooling (triggering exhaust fan/air-con), or heating (pannel heater for room temperature or aquarium heater for heating up water).

This unit has two relays (one for heating, one for cooling), and can handle 10Amps@220v AC on each relay. DO NOT overload the relays. To see how many watts (fan, air-con, heater, etc) a relay can handle, use this formula: Wattage = Voltage x Amps. Thus, unknown wattage = 220v x 10 Amps (the device standard). So, 220v x 10 Amps = 2200w. To be safe connect a maximum wattage of 2000w. Should you require to switch a load higher than 2000w you must connect a bigger relay to the output of the STC1000. Ask your electrician how to do that but 2000w are normally more than enough to drive any exhaust fan or panel heater.

This unit works on a set point which you can choose (let's say 25°C) and a window (hysteresis) which can be adjusted as well (let's say 5°C). Should the environmental temperature reach 30 degrees your cooling relay will be triggered and if it drops below 20 degrees your heating relay will be triggered.

This unit can be used for aircons or fridges as well as it has a built-in compressor delay protection (which can be set). Should the cooling mode be triggered the first time it takes about 30secs for the relay to kick in, don't get confused (the cooling indicator will blink and then go into steady cooling mode) as this is normal and not a programming fault on your side. Under normal daily operation, you won't even realise the delay. More info in our video. Very easy to program (also explained in our video)

Please download our pdf below for the programming manual and wiring instructions, or watch the youtube video below.


  • Range: -50°C to 99°C

  • Accuracy : +/- 1°C (-50°C to 70°C)

  • Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz

  • Sensor: NTC sensor (1pc)

  • Ambient Temp: 0°C to 60°C

  • Relative Humidity: 20 – 85%

  • Sensor Error Delay: 1 minute

  • Power consumption: <3W

  • Relay contact capacity : Cool (10A/220V AC) Heat (10Amps/220V AC). Do not overload your relays.


  • Sensor length: 2m (including the probe).

  • The unit supports heating and cooling​

Manual and wiring diagram


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By on 27 March 2022 (Temp Controller STC 1000) :


The helpful video made setting up the controller so easy. Works like a bomb with my own settings being recorded and remembered.

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