Flute Aqua Tray

Flute Aqua-Grow Tray

The Aquaponics/Hydroponics tray is meant to grow plants, fruits and Vegetables.  

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The Flute Aqua-Grow Tray can be used in many ways and implemented as the user requires. 

2 possible methods are the NFT( Nutrient Film Technique) and the Flood and Drain 

The Aqua-Grow Tray is meant to be part of a system and is not only the component to establish a successful aquaponic or hydroponic system. We encourage users to educate themselves regarding the processes related to aquaponics and hydroponics. 

Filters, valves, connectors, taps, and restrictors, 7.5cm net pots are not included


L: 120cm

W: 14.5cm

D: 8cm

10x 7.5cm net pots cutouts

4.5cm spacing between net pots

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