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By Anelisa M. on 03 Aug. 2020 :
Product rated : Soil pH Meter FD2

Soil pH meter

Am so happy with the product, and I recieved my order after 3 days super fast. Thank you.

By Andre O. on 23 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : pH Meter 033

Solid PH tester

Very good for the price. Easy calibration

By Andre O. on 23 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Magic Garden - Tent 240/120/205

Best Tent for the price

Pretty good

By James T. on 22 Jan. 2019 :
Product rated : Magic Garden - Tent 120/70/165

Small Veg Tent

How easy and clear it is to put it up it took no longer than 20 minutes, with the clear instruction and excellent quality of the zips and material I really feel I have got a top shelf product here, thanks you guys , super stoked.

By John G. on 05 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Magic Garden - Tent 120/70/165

Great starter tent

Upgraded to this tent from a micro-closet grow of 1 plant. It would comfortably accommodate 4 plants in medium size pots, but you could squeeze 6 in in a pinch or even more if growing hydro. Has ports in all the right places to accommodate cables, ducts and piping. nice thick double-lined material keeps all the light inside. Active extraction is a must to keep temps stable.

By Hentus V. on 02 Feb. 2018 :
Product rated : Integra Boost Humidity Pack 55% 4g

What does this do?

Please elaborate where do I use this?

By Hentus V. on 04 July 2017 :
Product rated : Silent Series 8" Fan (200mm)

There is no power cable

I think you should start selling the cable with the product or at least give information to customers about the type of power cable required.

By Tino F. on 12 May 2017 :
Product rated : Magic Garden - Tent 240/120/205


Was skeptic at first since the price was on average very low. Decided to order and what a pleasant surprise I got. Good quality material, strong stitching, solid zippers - all round damn good!!

I don't believe you will get better at the same price.

These guys knows how to do online business. They follow international standards, most certainly not South African "wait forever" standards. They out perform TakeAlot with their deliveries. Received my order in Cape Town within 2 days.

Good Job guys!!! Know know your stuff. Keep it up PLEASE!!

Tino Fourie
Cape Town

By Hentus V. on 10 May 2017 :
Product rated : Nova LED S8 360w

This Light is the best!

I bought this light and expected it to be entry level.
The light produces low heat, its not to heavy and the light has created very strong colas. I strongly recommend this light!

By Burger D. on 30 March 2017 :
Product rated : Rockwool Starter Plug

Nice product

Recently bought some of these, happy with product and will buy again.