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By Charlie B. on 03 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : NutriGold 5L Complete Set


Your free samples got me hooked! Easy to use and I don't need 100 additives.

By Charlie B. on 03 Aug. 2021 :
Product rated : Version II - Magic Garden Tent - 300/300/205cm


Just finished my first grow in my Magic Garden tent. Really chuffed with it. Quality wise it easily compares to some the best but its about half the price!

By Gustav L. on 06 July 2021 :
Product rated : Humidity Controller DHC & Probe

DHC switching a pc fan and 3 head ultrasonic humidifier

I just wanted to thank Andy and the team at GT Hydro again, for assisting me. My plan was to build my own humidification unit, in order to start my small scale exotic mushroom farm. I bought the 3 head ultrasonic humidifier, and -together with a pc fan-, needed automatic switching of the unit, in order to keep the humidity in the required range. Andy assisted me all the way, and truly went "the extra mile". He went as far a calling me numerous times (even on a Saturday!), and even drew me an electric diagram, so I could wire everything up correctly. Great advice, after sales service and quality products, I will definitely support you in the near future.


By Paul N. on 18 Apr. 2021 :
Product rated : Version II - Magic Garden Tent - 300/300/205cm

Amazing value

Bought this amazing tent a few weeks ago , after flat driving the whole JHB looking for a proper 3x3 , was amazing to setup has a excellent feel to it , nice and strong and once it was finished setting up , was well worth the investment , truly amazing tent could not have asked for a better tent then this .

By Geoff R. on 27 March 2021 :
Product rated : Plant Elixir Fulvates 2L

Technical information

It would be great to see the recommended dosage rates and intervals for use.
Thanks Guys

By James B. on 24 Feb. 2021 :
Product rated : MM5 With Power Supply


Excellent piece of equipment. Highly recommend it.
Combined with a humidity controller all my humidity stress went away.
Thanks GT.

By Paul S. on 10 Feb. 2021 :
Product rated : NutriGold Gro 1L

My favourite

All trace elements a plant can ask for.

By Paul S. on 10 Feb. 2021 :
Product rated : NutriGold Micro 1L

Love it!

No need for additives and trace elements are chelated being available over a wider pH range, only fertiliser I use :)

By Paul S. on 10 Feb. 2021 :
Product rated : NutriGold Bloom 1L

Love it!

No need for additives like GHE, everything my plants need is in there.
My favourite :)

By Brendan K. on 12 Jan. 2021 :
Product rated : Magic Garden - Tent 150/150/200

Gen 2 Magic Garden Tent review

I've been running the Generation 2 Magic Garden tent 150/150 for just over 2 weeks now. The Gen 2 tents have much better zips (both zip quality and stitching has been greatly improved). The zip is also protected by a velcro closure that stops light leaks from the top and bottom door zips.

A couple of improvements for Gen 3 models that should be considered:
- Crescent shaped zipped doors at the tent rear for ease of access when watering SCROG setups.
- Velcro closures of the exhaust/inlet vents to prevent light leakage.
- Diamond Mylar: Will raise overall tent price, but the quality difference is well worth it. That will elevate the Magic Garden range to anything Mars/Gorilla can offer.

Overall the Gen 2 is a much improved offering over the older Gen 1 Magic Garden tents. Looking forward to seeing the results.

By Peter H. on 26 Dec. 2020 :
By Anelisa M. on 03 Aug. 2020 :
Product rated : Soil pH Meter FD2

Soil pH meter

Am so happy with the product, and I recieved my order after 3 days super fast. Thank you.

By Andre O. on 23 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : pH Meter 033

Solid PH tester

Very good for the price. Easy calibration

By Andre O. on 23 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Version II - Magic Garden Tent 240/120/205cm

Best Tent for the price

Pretty good

By James T. on 22 Jan. 2019 :
Product rated : Magic Garden Tent 120/70/165cm

Small Veg Tent

How easy and clear it is to put it up it took no longer than 20 minutes, with the clear instruction and excellent quality of the zips and material I really feel I have got a top shelf product here, thanks you guys , super stoked.

By John G. on 05 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Magic Garden Tent 120/70/165cm

Great starter tent

Upgraded to this tent from a micro-closet grow of 1 plant. It would comfortably accommodate 4 plants in medium size pots, but you could squeeze 6 in in a pinch or even more if growing hydro. Has ports in all the right places to accommodate cables, ducts and piping. nice thick double-lined material keeps all the light inside. Active extraction is a must to keep temps stable.

By Hentus V. on 02 Feb. 2018 :
Product rated : Integra Boost Humidity Pack 55% 4g

What does this do?

Please elaborate where do I use this?

review reply  Hey Hentus, sorry only saw your question now, rather send a direct mail.
These sachets can take up moisture or give it of if necessary making sure your herbs (in a glass jar) are never too moist or too dry. There are different sizes for different amounts of herbs.
If you store your herb over a longer period of time just throw one of those in the jar and it'll never dry out (obviously if you often open and close your jar it won't last as long) It is famous and sells well in the store...try one out ;) review reply

Shop owner reply on 15 Dec. 2020
By Hentus V. on 04 July 2017 :
Product rated : Silent Series 8" Fan (200mm)

There is no power cable

I think you should start selling the cable with the product or at least give information to customers about the type of power cable required.

review reply  So sorry about the embarrassing long time it took me to answer your second question, in future send a direct mail to if you have a question please.
BUT in the meantime we have improved and our fans do now have cables with a South African plug on it!
We also have a mixed flow inline fan in stock now with a step-less speed control on the unit :)
If you have more questions rather post it on Facebook or send me a direct mail to and I'll reply quickly, promise! Lol review reply

Shop owner reply on 15 Dec. 2020
By Tino F. on 12 May 2017 :
Product rated : Version II - Magic Garden Tent 240/120/205cm


Was skeptic at first since the price was on average very low. Decided to order and what a pleasant surprise I got. Good quality material, strong stitching, solid zippers - all round damn good!!

I don't believe you will get better at the same price.

These guys knows how to do online business. They follow international standards, most certainly not South African "wait forever" standards. They out perform TakeAlot with their deliveries. Received my order in Cape Town within 2 days.

Good Job guys!!! Know know your stuff. Keep it up PLEASE!!

Tino Fourie
Cape Town

By Hentus V. on 10 May 2017 :
Product rated : Nova LED S8 360w

This Light is the best!

I bought this light and expected it to be entry level.
The light produces low heat, its not to heavy and the light has created very strong colas. I strongly recommend this light!

By Burger D. on 30 March 2017 :
Product rated : Rockwool Starter Plug

Nice product

Recently bought some of these, happy with product and will buy again.

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