T.A Final Part 1L (ripen)

GHE Ripen 1L
GHE Ripen 1L
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General Hydroponics Ripen 1L

Late flowering/forcing solution.

Using Ripen instead of a two-week water “flush” means stronger taste, more active principles, and up to 10% more yield.

Ripen is an extremely effective way to eliminate nutrient excesses in your crops. There is no way to make excess nitrate or chlorophyll disappear - they have to be metabolised, and Ripen helps your plant do so.


  1. It sends a strong signal that the plant is coming to the end of its life, accelerating the ripening process.

  2. It forces the plant to strengthen its defences, increasing essential oil and active principle production.

  3. It provides the complimentary mineral salts that the plant needs to metabolise nitrate or micro-element build-ups in easy to assimilate form.

Can be used whenever you need to control or enhance ripening, and to maximise yield and flavour intensity at the end of the flowering/fruiting phase of all annual plants and flowers.

Ripen enables you to quickly harvest a crop before it is spoiled by cold and damp weather. It also speeds up the ripening of the slowest plants. And in case of an infestation of fungi or insects, it can accelerate the natural cycle and recover something from a crop that would otherwise be lost.

At high EC, expert growers can use Ripen to manipulate water stress to maximise active principal concentration and minimise splitting in soft fruit culture.


Substrate, species, strain and conditions affect when to use Ripen and how long for, but, your plants should always be your guide. For example, if the leaves on your crop are dark green, add two days of Ripen usage to the numbers below; if they are already yellowing, remove two or more.

The universal rule for Ripen is: apply until leaf yellowing occurs and/or ripening is satisfactory.


Hydroponics (recirculating) or run to waste etc: Replace old nutrient solution with pH-adjusted water, add Ripen and mix well. 

In soil: Apply as normal in pH-adjusted water.

Do not use other products at the same time as Ripen: Ripen works after any nutrient from any manufacturer, but NEVER USE RIPEN WITH OTHER PRODUCTS. Stop all nutrients and PK / CalMag supplements before use: even boosters, flushes and other non-nutrient products often contain unlisted minerals and oligo-elements. Ripen does a finely tuned job and adding other ingredients can stop it from working properly.


In high drainage substrate (e.g clay pebbles or bare root): Use Ripen for 10 days (start 12 days before harvest) - match your last EC (up to 5ml/L, max EC 2.6).

In medium drainage substrate (e.g coco-perlite mix): Use Ripen for15 days (start 17 days before harvest) - match your last EC (up to 5ml/L, Max EC 2.6).

In low drainage substrate (e.g soil or potting compost): Use Ripen for 21 days (start 23 days before harvest) - match your last EC (up to 4ml/L, max EC 2.0).

Expert growers can use Ripen to minimise splitting in soft fruit culture: target EC 2.6mS in hydro and target EC 2.0mS in soil.

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